Jagua is a fruit indigenous to the rain forest, scientifically known as Genipa Americana. It is a common plant throughout the tropics of South America, and has been used as a body art medium for over 2,000 years. Jagua works by permanently staining the outermost layer of skin and creating a blue-black temporary tattoo that lasts until the skin regenerates in 7 to 14 days.

We have worked with the tribes of Panama for many years in farming, harvesting and producing the highest quality body ink made from the Jagua fruit. Jagua Ink is the highest quality body ink available on the market. Find out more about this revolutionary process.


About Jagua


Learn how a common plant in Panama is revolutionizing body art and creating jobs for indigenous tribes in the Darién Gap.
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The Darién Initiative

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Find out more about how we are helping to save the cultures of tribes in the Darién Gap through service and charity.
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Things to Ask

Before buying, ask the following questions:

#1 Do you use all natural gel formula?
#2 Do you dilute your extract before mixing it into gel?
#3 Do you practice sustainability and conservation of your natural resources in your harvesting process?
#4 Do you give back to the community?
#5 What efforts are they taking to give back to the community?
#6 What Quality control process do you use?
#7 Does your fruit pass the F.D.A. regulations?
#8 What guarantees do you offer?
#9 What variety is your Jagua fruit?
#10 Are you legally importing this from a foreign country or from a US territory (US Territories are not required to go through the F.D.A. process)?
# 11 Can you provide me with your product safety statement?

Things to ask about the manufacture:

#1 Can you provide a Declaration or origin?
#2 Can you provide a Safety Assessment for your fruit?
#3 Can you provide a Ethno botany report?
#4 Can you provide a Agroforestry report?
#5 Can you provide a Biological Status report?
#6 Can you provide a Fruit use and Plant use statement?
#7 Can you provide a Geographic Information report?
#8 Can you provide a Product Data Sheet?
#9 Can you provide an Allergen declaration report?
#10 Can you provide a Physical and chemical property reports?
#11 Can you provide a Toxicological information report?